Tuesday, September 9, 2008

MRI or Torture Device?

The Tube of Terror

I'm not quite sure which one it was they used on me today.

I thought I had had an MRI before.... I was wrong, because there is NO way on God's Green Earth I would've forgotten that experience.

As I walked into the MRI room I realize how small of an area I'll be laying in. They might as well just push me into a morgue locker box. And that beautiful cylinder that is pushed down over your head..... are the spaces in the "MRI Helmet" there to make you feel "comfortable?". Yeah RIGHT!

I was SO not even going to watch any of it happen. So I laid down on the table and just shut my eyes. Saying to myself "if I pretend it's not here, it doesn't exist" lol.

Now I was also under the impression that MRI's were quick......... Ummmmm HELLOOOOO Its 2008!!!! Not sure anyone told the MRI machine the rest of the world does everything FAST. Oh NO SIR, I was in that thing for an hour and a half trying to convince myself that sliding out on my own or thrashing around "may" interupt the testing process. Then there were the lovely, comforting sounds of the MRI machine. Which included sounds that, in my best description, variated from a jackhammer to bad techno music. AGAIN, its 2008! There is no QUIET way to take a picture of my brain?

GEEZ....... hello medical field, your next project...... FIX THAT DANG MRI!

I finally got to a point, this is pretty sick, that I actually fell asleep during parts of the MRI. I guess after years with screaming boys in my house, I can sleep through just about anything.

The gentleman warned me I may get a headache, NOOOO REALLY ?!?!?! Someone jackhammers right next to your head and you get a headache? Go figure!

So for the last ohhhhhhhhhhhh 6 hours or so I've been battling the lovely headache.

I have NO results yet.... I'll probably hear tomorrow. I was sent home with the images on CD but I'm nowhere near brave enough to pull that up and look at them. I'll find something that doesn't look right to me.... the person who knows the least about reading results and I'll freak myself out. NO thanks! I'll wait for doc to call and THEN look :) And possibly share with everyone!!