Thursday, September 18, 2008


Why did I decide to join the gym again?

So today was my first session. It look a little longer than usual because they had to teach me the machines and all. Holy crap! I was NOT ready for what I was about to experience. I way more out of shape than I could have ever imagined.

The ladies that work there are really great and super nice. But during workout time, no nonsense chicks. She kicked my BUTT! However, she mentally forced me to keep going when I could have at any time said "forget this" and walked out. I was hurting during the workouts so bad... it was truly painful. I feel fine now but I know I will feel it in a few days, if not sooner. Just during the workout I didn't feel like I could do one more rep, it was awful.

The way Curves works is there are about 10-12 machines for different types of workouts put in a circle, and inbetween each one is a a little mat for jog in place type things. So the machines go arm workout machine, mat, leg workout machine, mat and so on. So in between each machine theres a mat to ease the pain a bit but to stay steady. I was loving that "down time". You do each machine and mat time for only 30 seconds... but I'm telling you what, that 30 seconds seemed like an hour on some machines. And for the workout you go around the circle twice.... its insane!

I hope tomorrow's a bit easier, but I doubt it..... this better be worth it lololol :)


The Pemberton Family said...

Keep it up girl!! Don't wait too long in between work outs because that's when you get really sore. The second day is always worse--so keep your muscles going and they won't hurt so bad every time you use them again!! Stetch, stretch, stretch!!