Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Well I finally did it!

I joined a gym.... Curves is the one I chose. It's geared for women and will be much more comfortable for me I think.

I've been wanting to take off weight for quite a long time and would take a few lbs off here and there but then would get side tracked or lazy etc. So I figured if I paid for the gym membership I would go. It's literally right around the corner from our house and with John home in the morning I have NO excuse for not going. Plus its only a 30 minutes workout. Curves does their program a little different than most.

So when I signed up this morning, they weighed and measured me and then every month I go back to re weigh and re measure myself to see my progress. I'm super excited!! And we figured in order to get to where I want to be, what I was before children I have 26 lbs and 26 inches to lose....

Wish me luck!


The Pemberton Family said...

You go girlie!! i got on the bandwagon after Malak was born and am down way below my normal weight! It is sooooo worth it!! Call me if you need inspiration--i got lots. Just stick with it and don't get takes a while and it's all about your eating, so be disciplined.