Monday, September 22, 2008

Little Wrestlers

So we signed the boys up for a little "Wrestling Camp" this week. It was originally only for Tristan but I found out Jacob could go too so I figured why not?

Tonight was the first night and its only for this week, every night from 6:30pm - 8:00pm.

It started out really good. We signed them up, they each got a wrestling t shirt to wear, they are so cute!! Then they all went into the high school gym room to get started. Then the head highschool coach walks in, blows his whistle, and starts talking. That whistle sure got the kids attention! So everyone in the entire room is quiet listening to the coach. There were a ton of kids and adults in there .... and then the first "special moment" of the night..... my sweet boy, Jacob, who always loves to be the center of attenion yells out "I'm 4 (while holding up his four fingers) and I'm big" ! So as any good mother does, I duck my head and start laughing uncontrollably. And then it just keeps going. Every few minutes Jacob is popping off some comment or sentence that has NOTHING to do with wrestling or anything they are doing. I was DYING laughing... thanking my lucky stars that nobody really knew whose child he was , ha ha ha!!

So then they started their exercies and both boys did awesome. Tristan was really into it, he wasn't missing a thing, he loved watching the highschool boys teaching and really was into it! He thought those highschool boys were so cool!

There was a part of the exercises where they did laps around the gym which went really well, then they skipped laps, then they went to summersalts and backward summersalts.... well Jacob decided he didnt want to do the summersalts so while all of the other children are on their hands and knees twirling right over, MY sweet child is just running his butt off all the way around the gym. Oh my gosh it was funny.... he was running so hard, so I just kept cheering him on. ha ha ha.

Then they went to the actual wrestling portion. Jacob was NOT interesting after he got knocked down once. Tristan kicked BUTT!! He did so well. He almost won every time even though he was going up against kids who have done this before. It was awesome, I was cheering for him and screaming his name and he was glowing, it was so cool!!!

See the pics below. I forgot my camera at home so these are from my cell phone, sorry they aren't the greatest!