Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hair do's...

I know Ana will be able to agree with me on this post lol.

Now I know my hair is not "normal", and I'd never have it any other way. I like the funky hair cuts, I love the funky hair do's. I just do.... short, long whatever works.

But I must've forgotten I like in small town Alaska where most things are "normal". For the most part all I get is people staring at my hair but not really saying much about it. I do get compliments on it, though usually from unlikely sources lol. I had a lady in Walmart who was probably close to 90 years old tell me she loved my hair.

Well yesterday when I was taking Tristan to school I was walking down the hallway and some kids said to his friend "Oh man , look at that girls hair" and it was loud lol. I just laughed. Then when I went to pick him up..... there were some teenagers there probably picking up a little sister or brother and one of the guys said "wow your hair is rad.......... I can only get mine to do that first thing in the morning after I wake up"........he said it funny, not mean at all. I just laughed.

I've heard the skunk joke about my hair too, becuase I have the blonde stripe down the center lol. I think I've heard them all.........

I just love seeing people's reactions, its so funny!


The Pemberton Family said...

the mohawk thing is really fun!! The reactions are quite funny--wow! I am sure you are absolutely adorable!!